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Cover World offers the widest variety of high-quality boat covers for Larson Boats. Find custom and semi-custom Pioneer Boat covers for your exact Larson Boat model with our easy to use Boat Cover Fit Finder™. Our covers for Larson Boats are made with waterproof heavy-duty marine-grade fabrics such as Sunbrella, Sundura, and Sunbrella. These are the best USA made Larson Boat covers on the market today at a price you’ll love.

We’re confident that you’ll find the exact Larson Boat cover that you’re looking for after searching through our extensive list of boat covers for Larson Boats.

Popular Larson Boat Models that Cover World Carries Covers for:

About Larson Boats

Larson Boats started out in 1913 when Paul Larson started building boats out of the family farm that he grew up on in Little Falls, MN. Paul started out building boats for people he was close to, mostly duck and fishing boats. The increasing demand for his boats, he decided to open is own factory called Larson Boat Works. His factory that he put into place was running strong and even made it through the Great Depression.

Larson Boats even helped with the war efforts of World War II by building training boats and wooden shell cases. But after the war, Paul decided to focus on pleasure boats and created the Falls Flyer that an airplane type body and cockpit. After experimenting with coating wooden boats with fiberglass, they produced molds for fiberglass and started production on Fiberglass Hulls and is now one of the best fiberglass boat manufacturer in the country.