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Cover World offers the widest variety of high-quality boat covers for Smoker Craft Boats. Find custom and semi-custom Smoker Craft Boat covers for your exact Smoker Craft Boat model with our easy to use Boat Cover Fit Finder™. Our covers for Smoker Craft Boats are made with waterproof heavy-duty marine-grade fabrics such as Sunbrella, Sundura, and Performance PolyGuard. These are the best USA made Smoker Craft Boat covers on the market today at a price you’ll love.

We’re confident that you’ll find the exact Smoker Craft Boat cover that you’re looking for after searching through our extensive list of boat covers for Smoker Craft Boats.

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About Smoker Craft Boats

Smoker Craft can trace its roots all the way back to 1921. The company was called Smoker Lumber Co. at the time and was a world leader in making oars and paddles for boats. They were also known to make other wooden boat accessories as well. And then in 1963, Smoker Lumber Co decided to take their knowledge and experience from building the accessories and started to produce boats. Instead of producing wooden boats like most, they chose to start making boats out of virtually maintenance-free aluminum hulls.

Today, Smoker Craft still makes some of the most innovative boats on the water and have made innovations throughout the years that have become industry standards. They also have kept Smoker Craft in the family as well and are 5 generations strong.